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For all those who are ...
vlR Hom3Less 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 8th Nov 2012
For all those who are new to #vLr.Community! and interested in our story!

Well, where shall I begin?! It all started at 06/12/2011, when Clans United splitted for the first time, because some selfish decisions were made, then a small group of fullmembers left cU and founded #vlR as a concurence of cU.
But unfortunately its' life was too short, because people still favoured cU and #vlR even lost its' server. So we gave up at that time to try something new against cU.
But time has changed and cU splitted up again some days ago because of inner trouble and we reactivated #vlR with full of new thoughts and full of plans. We set up some kinda hierarchy in here, not like we had the lack of that in past.

This is a very short version of our community, but if you're interested in more, feel free to contact any of the leaders/coleaders/fullmembers.

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